Seeing you, sending thoughts

13 years ago. Recess time. I was standing at the balcony corridor at the 2nd floor, facing the 1st floor, I spotted you outside the room amongst the crowds.

You did not look happy. Something must had been upsetting you. Was it a failed confession? A frustrating experience? I don’t know. I had the thought to meet you and listen to whatever is in your mind.

It had slowly grew in me about your presence earlier, but this scene had significantly amplified it in me. Maybe that was why I ended up mustering up the courage to pen down my thoughts to you.

After receiving the response from you, I must say that I was caught off guard. I heard of your response second handed, so I cannot guarantee the total authenticity (however, the messenger was trustworthy). Even so, I was glad that my thoughts were somewhat sent to you.

Fast forward for a few years. Even if I didn’t received a response from another new penned thoughts years later after my initial pen, I remained hopeful, to this day that the thoughts were not lost in transit. I sincerely hoped so…

Natural switch

A few years ago, I joined a competition where I had to temporarily leave my college hostel for a few days. As a solo participant, naturally I travelled alone down to Kuala Lumpur, and checked in to the hotel where I was arranged to stay.

Being somewhat familiar with the hotel surroundings, I roamed around aimlessly to seek out for new spots, or spots that I didn’t managed to discover in the past. A glaring difference compared with the previous visit, there was no guardian.

The day of the competition – early morning. I went to the hotel’s restaurant to enjoy my breakfast. I grabbed a plate of mixed foods – Western and Chinese, and a good cup of coffee, and sat at a table not far from the entrance.

The next thing I noticed, was a person (who I shall name as S) who was busy grabbing the plate of breakfast. My first instinct was that S might be a participant in the contest. S sat not far from me (probably a few tables away).

S dressed casually, and at a glance, S might be just another hotel guest who had business to tend to in the capital. The contest was scheduled to be held in the afternoon, but I joined the contest’s discussion/exchange session, which would eventually lead to the afternoon’s contest.

My instinct was right. S was a contestant as well. After the few hours’ contest, I retreated to a public hall where refreshments were served. To kill of some time, I went to a used items corner where it was full of books. S also went to the corner, and we engaged in a simple conversation. It was all simple yet fulfilling, in a way.

I forgot who took the initiative to start engaging the small talk, but I was grateful. We exchanged contact details and left the contest place back to our places (in different location). S, for me, is a unique person that is indescribable. S would probably the person one would like to be with when you want to explore a new experience, travel to a new, unknown place, or even be partners in various occasions.

Fast forward to today, I still maintained contact with S, and managed to meet in special occasions (and still engaging in small talks). Otherwise, we lived on our own ways, just as how life is like. S, for me, is a good friend to have and to learn from.

To wrap up, I include a piece from Lost In Translation, dedicating this to the moment.