Getting vaccinated and the race against time

Race for an appoinment After weeks of trial and error attempting to grab an appointment through Japan’s Ministry of Defense’s Tokyo mass COVID-19 vaccination website, I finally secured an appointment to receive my first dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine last Friday. The process to secure an appointment was straightforward – I opened a web browser,…More

Hello, happy birthday. #2

How are you lately? Jumping to a new high The pandemic still hasn’t turned out better as expected — the stronger Delta variant had almost become mainstream amongst other variants worldwide. Looking back a year ago today, I cannot help but to wonder if you are doing well. Perhaps the answer is yes, since you…More


1/4 最近跟同龄朋友在聊天时,不时会提起彼此的生日。我不禁说道,“就这样,我们就过了我们1/4的…”。话未说完,我便沉静了一会,意识到后半句和整个句子的含义和其”重量”。 在这个月的15日,我进入了1/4后的世界。 回头一看 回头一看,铺着今天走的路道上的各种经历充满着各式的材料。上中学前曾发生的一件事,可谓彻底的影响了一生和人生观,毕竟,该件事的源头和让其结尾变得不精彩的主角是自己。回头一看,这也许是因为我不定期的在《白纸黑墨》里写下各种点滴的关系吧。然而,我也不忘对在那故事的另外一个主角抱着感恩的心。写在实体纸上也罢,写在虚拟纸上也罢,对你的感恩,我永远忘不了。希望在来世,自己不会再犯下其愚蠢的错误吧。 说到回头一看,我无法避开不提起此疫情。COVID-19疫情为世界带来的影响,已经足够的改变了世界的许多根本,尤其是肢体上的接触。曾经何时,原本已经是奢侈的亲朋好友聚会,通过此次事件变得更加奢侈了。在长期独自生活和实行社交距离期间,我赤裸裸的面对自己时间也变得更长。在无需过度在意他人眼光之下,对着蓝天白云按下手机的快门按钮,将那漂亮的夕阳放入半永久的脑海和手机容量的存档里。 将照片上传到自己的Instagram之际,为照片留下的内容无需放多言,只留下简单的一句话。“心里最纯粹的那个想法。”,我不时想着。疫情一旦过了之后,当生活渐渐恢复正常之际,“新的正常”会是怎样的呢?我不时这样想着。 站在交叉之路 …在这里的期间, (今年就)进入第三年…不久后就要决定是否要继续留在这里… 在这段时间,无论是和家人、朋友或上司,我都会以不同的方式说出上述的句子。这一般都是在问自己未来的打算之时所会用的句子之一。我不时会在脑海里翻看早前设下的未来计划,一边看着家里白色的墙壁放空,一边想着接下来该怎么做…。这可谓站在路的交叉之间呀。 日本在近期已经宣布会开放给18岁以上的居民打疫苗,并且已经有些公司已经开始让员工接种COVID-19疫苗。我住在的城市和所属的公司尚未宣布可以让居民或员工接种疫苗,因此唯有耐心等待而已。 2021,生日 今年的生日是在一个极为普通的,阴天的星期二工作日。自从日本气象厅公布我所住的关东地区已经进入梅雨期,天气预报也变得不太靠谱(所以这才叫预报,不是吗?)。尽管显示的是乌云,在该地区忽然下雨也不是一件稀奇的事。我搭了早上8点多的巴士到办公室,如常上班。电脑锁屏界面显示的「6月15日(火)」也显得特别。 今年我所“收”到的礼物是“给有需要的人的寄付(捐款)”。More

At the crossroads of a long journey

Looking back last year and the year before that, the notion of dwelling on the past grew larger and larger. The never-ending pandemic and those who set sail back home It is hard not to touch upon the topic of a global pandemic, especially when it affects one’s daily life, no matter what your status…More

The new guy in the department

A new guy (let’s call him M) has joined the department where I worked at a few weeks ago, who was employed by the company. On the contrary, I worked in this department as a contractor, so I don’t get the “full experience” in joining the company. From the brief introduction by my manager and…More

The certain afternoon, and the full moon

Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of…More

A view of lavender and wisteria in Ashikaga Flower Park

Recently, I went to Ashikaga Flower Park, a tourist spot in the Kanto region, which is famous for the wisteria festival with some friends. Situated in Tochigi prefecture, this place is about 2 hours by normal train or about more than 1 hour if gone by express trains, including the shinkansen bullet train. Aiming to…More

Stroll of spring across the Boso peninsula

This week is the last week (where you can enjoy the spring flowers) before the raining week ahead. NHK’s “Good Morning Japan” weekday news program in sometime during end of March. On a Saturday morning in early April, I took advantage of the sunny morning to travel through the Boso Peninsula (房総半島) via two local…More

The case of a reported COVID-19 positive case

Few days ago, I received a notification mentioning that there was a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 next to my department (which was a few meters away from where I sat). Due to this, a sanitization process had been conducted urgently within a few meter radius of the affected department, of which my seat was…More


夢でまたキミに会えた。 キミは僕のお隣さんで別々で生活している。何故こうなったのか僕は知らないが、それで十分だ。 ベランダでたまにおしゃべりをし、たまに互いを家に誘って、いっぱい飲んでいた(お酒じゃないが)。 また、キミの笑顔を見えた。気楽に遠慮なくお話をし、まるで昔のように僕を接してくれた。 お金がなくてもいい。あまりクラスのない服を着てもいい。安いおやつと温くなった缶コーヒー(キミはコーヒーを飲むのかな?)を楽しんでもいい。昔のように青い空の下で一緒にベンチに座り、キミとの会話。それで良いと思っていた。 ただ、どんな良い夢でも終わりが必ず来る。 朝7時。その聴き慣れた目覚まし時計のアラーム音が鳴り始まった。 キミが急に無言になって、ベランダを離れ、自分の家に入った。 「またね!」はない。 僕が徐々に空を仰ぎ、さっきまでに青かった空が曇り空に変わった。 僕は目を開けた。見えたのはあの白い天井。スマホの待ち受け画面を確かめ、そろそろ起きないとまずい時間になった。僕はまた、現実に戻った。再度スマホを確かめ、パッと起きて、仕事をするために準備をし始めた。 もし僕が今、ベランダに行ったら、キミが果たして隣のベランダに現れのだろうか? また、いつか、夢で会おう。More


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