Detailed work can last for a long time

As a software developer, one of my jobs is to produce a working software that meets the end user’s requirements. This involved lots of “behind the scenes” details where logics and arts intertwined with each other.

While placing sufficient checks in place to ensure the software doesn’t crash and the users don’t experience the frustration, I got to sprinkle some arts in certain parts of the code that the users interact with directly and indirectly.

The logic planning part required pre-planning, that is, going back to something equivalent to a storyboard, of which, in my case, is either a collection of PowerPoint slides or the traditional pencil-and-paper. However, the artistic “sprinkle some arts” part happened at random. For example, I did some in the front-end (UI part of the program), and some in the back-end (program codes), however I quickly realized that I wasn’t born with artistic cells…

I recently (re)watched the first three Matrix movies (rewatched the first, first time watching the second and third on Amazon Prime) in anticipation for the fourth, which was released earlier in Japan. After finished watching the third movie and rewatching the first trailer for the fourth, I was pleasantly shocked that the ending of the third movie seemed not… finite.

When my friend’s (who’s a movie fan) schedule is more free, I’ll definitely grab the tickets to watch at the cinema.

While wandering around the lands of YouTube, I discovered this gem about the making of The Matrix, which had gone into the vast amount of details and hard work poured in laying the groundworks, setting the scenes, training the actors, etc. that had blowed me away.

The dedication to preparing such in depth really reminded me of the worlds in the software development field, where great depths of preparation and planning are crucial in producing an excellent software. Such excellent software, if planned and executed beautifully, will impact others and can last for a long time…

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