Looking back 2021

This was a fulfilling year despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

I discovered and checked many places off the Japan’s must visit prefectures checklist. There were parts of the journey where I went with my friend using a travel pass to 1) travel various parts of Japan’s Tohoku region, and 2) “checking in” at various Starbucks in different prefectures to taste their local frappucinos. Albeit a rush journey, we were able to visit important tourist spots and tasted their delicious frappucinos!

I also made new friends through events, such as a barbecue gathering, and meeting through my friend. I recalled them coming from various backgrounds which made me appreciate more of my current circumstances. Perhaps harder to know a new friend is a thing as you grow older.

A new kind of birthday present. Instead of receiving, I began giving away by donating to the needy. I feel more fulfilling by giving more than receiving, as I know that my contribution would have alleviate some people’s inconveniences.

Thought of the past more and more. Especially about you. Wherever you are at the moment, I hope you are safe, well, and happy with your loved one. From afar, I wish you a happy new year.

Think of plans for 2022. Since we are still confined in our respective countries and cannot freely travel overseas, I planned to explore further southern part of Japan, new spots in areas that I have previously visited.

It already is 2022 as I write this post. I have high hopes and had renewed wishes for this new year, and are looking forward to fulfill them all. I hope you, dear reader, will have a great 2022 ahead as we battle through this pandemic and other obstacles. Hope you, dear reader, are fine and well, whereever you are.

Happy new year!

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