Playlist that never changes: shop BGMs, and others

Yesterday evening, I was on my way back home after getting my laundries done, where I stopped by a store to buy some groceries. Since it’s the Christmas season, it’s not weird to hear a compilation of overused, easily identifiable Christmas music being played in the store’s speaker. Apart from the occasional announcements done by the store’s staff (e.g. promoting products, asking for assistance at the cash register, etc.), the store atmosphere was heavily filled with Christmas song.

However, one song immediately caught my attention, which was an instrumental version of Kohmi Hirose‘s Strobo. Being a fan of hers, I quietly hummed the song as the store staffs quietly arranged the goods and other customers minded their own business as they filled their carts.

Different than that of stores in Malaysia, I often find older songs being played on repeat, which gave me an impression that they were the current popular songs (which they aren’t), especially English songs. In Malaysia, I would have the chance to listen to contemporary songs in coffee shops and shopping malls, but it proved otherwise here, which was refreshing.

I vaguely recalled listening to Celine Dion in a large shopping mall, which was slightly bizarre.

Although one can listen to the top 10 contemporary English songs in an online streaming platform, e.g. Netflix and Apple Music, I still find it pleasant to be able to listen to older songs in a public area, especially in a coffee shop. I don’t doubt if the youngsters recognize and/or have a 80s-2000s era song as one of their favorites, since Aerosmith‘s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is still being played in many Japanese shows.

Since this is the month of Christmas, I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in shopping malls where Christmas songs were pleasantly repeated as I sipped a cup of coffee in a cafe or slurping away a bowl of ramen in a restaurant while realizing that this playlist will be gradually replaced one that fits the Japanese new year at the end of this month. I certainly enjoying the end of the year more than the beginning of a new year in this context. Perhaps it’s due to the “wrapping up” atmosphere that many people and places are eminating despite the ongoing pandemic.

I hope you enjoy this month, where ever you are, and take care!

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