Staring at the same sun and sky

Last month, I went for a short trip to Hokkaido, where I spent my first full day at the most northern tip of Wakkanai city. To get to there, I deliberately started my trip to Wakkanai by boarding a 5-hour plus limited express train from the prefectural capital of Sapporo city.

Before ending the tour of the day in the city, I stopped by at Cape Nosshapu, moments before sunset of the sunny day (mildly decorated with clouds). As the sun began to descend at the horizon under the chilling temperature of 8℃, I can’t help but to continue staring at the distant sun, along with Mt. Rishiri located far away. I fondly think of the mountain as another Mt. Fuji.

As I continued staring at this wonderful sight, I can’t help but to think of you. Realizing that the same view, composed of the sun, water, and sky, is the same as the one that you are viewing at the other parts of this world. I wonder what were you thinking while you stared at the sky at that exact moment?

This view, I wanted to share with you so much.

Seeing the calming seas with the skies having a gorgeous gradient, I think you were having a great day there, the same as I was. I wonder, was the sky that you were looking at equally beautiful like I saw? The answer would be a subjective one, yet the feelings one had conceived upon looking at the sky above might be an objective one.

View from the cape’s observation area right after the sunset. The gorgeous gradient of the sky still remained while the tourists visiting the area quietly disappeared as it turned colder. I hurriedly caught the last bus for that hour back to the train station.

At the visitors area, they were selling postcards and stamps that one can send to various locations. Since I don’t have your physical address, I might write a virtual postcard instead…

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