Chemistry between water and music

Exhibition poster for Sumida River Storm and Urge

I attended an exhibition of a collaboration work (installation) between Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani in Tokyo a while ago. Titled “water state 1”, this work is explained as follows:

In the center of the work, water droplets spread out as ripples on the mirror-like jet-black surface of the water, and the precise and detailed sounds corresponding to it envelopes the venue. Based on weather data from around the world, the amount and location of water droplets changes, and as each drop intersects with the water surface, it forms ripples that overlap and return to “water.”
Entrance to the “water state 1” exhibition area

As I entered the exhibition area (free of charge, booking required), I noticed a table with its surface filled with water that was jet-black in color. Located above the table was a machine with a large board of hardware full of wires and sprinklers which were programmed to produce water droplets at a certain interval. Speakers were also strategically placed within the area to produce a desirable atmosphere.

Few number of people observing the work at close distance.

I couldn’t capture the work beautifully, so here is a video of someone’s recording on YouTube.

While observing the water droplets dropping onto the jet-black surface of the water from the ceiling, the spreading ripples were accompanied with a music that lasted shorter or longer, which depended on the ripples and amount of water droplets observed.

As a person who enjoys the nature and the rain, I am absolutely fascinated with how melodies were created as the rain droplets hit the tree leaves, the asphalt roads, the rooftops, the balcony made of wood, etc. However, I find the rain droplets hitting the water surface to be calming to hear to. This work certainly pushed the pleasure of listening to nature’s melody to a higher and better level, thanks to Sakamoto’s music.

Despite only being there for 40 minutes due to consideration for COVID-19, I enjoyed the experience of observing the water droplets, the accompanied audio, and stones. As noted in the provided brochure, water is the fundamental substance that supports life on earth, and it changes its state depending on conditions freely. This made me thought of Bruce Lee’s quote on water:

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