Hello, happy birthday. #2

Cloudy sky began gradually clearing up, sometime after 7 p.m., June 21, 2021.

How are you lately?

Jumping to a new high

The pandemic still hasn’t turned out better as expected — the stronger Delta variant had almost become mainstream amongst other variants worldwide. Looking back a year ago today, I cannot help but to wonder if you are doing well. Perhaps the answer is yes, since you are surrounded by a important and supportive partner, and friends.

My image and memories of you still retained at a decade ago. Although you have changed a lot since then, rest assured that they still remain pleasant. The image and memories that I see occassionally remained vivid.

Keeping the pace of…

It was cloudy today in Greater Tokyo, and the ongoing rainy season had painted this week’s weather forecast grey (as it will be raining throughout the week). After I ended my work for the day, I turned off my work laptop, changed into a simple exercise outfit, and went out for a quick jog at the park not far from my home.

There were almost no people — only a few elderly people leisurely walk outside the jogging paths, people practicing kendo in a sports facility nearby the park.

I took off my mask, and went for multiple rounds in the park. Despite focusing on the pavement and the distance between park users, my mind had drifted to the multiple layers of grey clouds as it waded through the clouds to search for something.


“Where you are at now, is the sky today beautiful?”

Behind the imposed restrictions and face masks lie a great smile, I thought.

With ongoing times like these, from afar, I wish you all the best. I hope I can be of a help in any ways possible. Stay healthy, stay awesome, and stay great.

Happy birthday.

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