At the crossroads of a long journey

Looking back last year and the year before that, the notion of dwelling on the past grew larger and larger.

The never-ending pandemic and those who set sail back home

It is hard not to touch upon the topic of a global pandemic, especially when it affects one’s daily life, no matter what your status and location is. I sincerely hope that for those who were badly affected due to this situation can recover quickly and resume normal life.

Some of my friends and former classmates who are now staying overseas, carry on with their lives there, as they cheerily shared their status in Instagram and other social media platforms. There are some who retreated back to Malaysia as they stepped into the next chapter of their life, be it pursuing new opportunities or harbor in their hometown after a long time away from home. Either way is fine, in my opinion.


I joked to friends of my same age, saying that we had reached a quarter of our entire journey. Before I can finish the sentence, I stopped at “a quarter” and began reflecting at the entire sentence. The weight of the sentence, which was carried equally by each of us, is heavy.

“Knowing this, why don’t you stop wasting time doing such meaningless stuff?”, a friend jokingly reminded me as I told the story of a distant past, which remained vivid in my mind. “Dwelling on it is the only thing that I can do, so I won’t repeat the same mistake again in the next life.”, I replied to my friend, in my head.

The ones you can’t buy are time

I recently read stories revolving several characters who were terminally ill, and had less time left, decided to accomplish new things together despite only knowing each other briefly. Among all of the things one can have, time is the only thing one cannot buy or exchange, the stories tried to convey.

Perhaps it was due to this extraordinary situation, and the ability for me to observe the changes of the skies outside my balcony almost everyday without going out much had me pulled back to the reality, and not the world filled with ones and zeroes.

Halfway across the a quarter of the road

“… in the third year…before I need to make a choice whether I wanted to continue to stay here”.

Recently, I increasingly mentioned this to my work superiors and family members as they asked about my plans in the future. I looked at my roadmap and couldn’t stop wondering what to plan ahead.

Japan today has begun allowing certain companies to conduct COVID-19 vaccinations to their employees and relevant family members. This, thus, is a beginning to an end of a journey, I think, though, it is still a long way to go. As of now, I am still patiently waiting for my turn.

I liked more and more the notion of giving away than to receive, so I had chosen to donate to the needy groups, as a way of giving back to the society. For many, this day is just another Tuesday working day. I think of the same, as I will be hopping onto the 8 something A.M. bus to my workplace, be it rainy or sunny.

Happy birthday to me.

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