The new guy in the department

A new guy (let’s call him M) has joined the department where I worked at a few weeks ago, who was employed by the company. On the contrary, I worked in this department as a contractor, so I don’t get the “full experience” in joining the company. From the brief introduction by my manager and brief “get to know each other” group meeting held not long ago, M is a recent graduate.

It was a refreshing sight, at least for me, as I knew a few contractors who joined the department, left after about a year working here. The reasons why they left, I do not know. What’s more, the identity of M in joining this department as a company employee may have left a deeper impression among us.

I haven’t got to talk with M a lot, since I worked from home most of the days in a working week. M was expected by the manager, in a charmingly cheering voice, to pick up the various programming languages and tech stacks that we use in our job in that brief group meeting, which was an hour before lunch. “I will try my very best!”, M answered in a cheering voice while we welcomingly clapped our hands.

Minutes after the normal working hours ended today, as I leisurely sat in my place while lazily scrolling Facebook on my phone, M walked passed by me as he flipped his name card on the attendance board – a method to visually conveying to the department that he had “punched out for the day”. I took note of his action, greeted to him, and continued scrolling Facebook.

As he proceeded to walk out of the office, he paused a while and walked to my place. “Khor-san, right? I heard you know some stuff about the language that we use?”, M asked. I was slightly surprised by this, but I quickly responded to his question after a while. More than ten minutes had passed as he asked some technical questions.

“(It’s way passed normal working hours.) Is your time OK?” I asked him before I went further with my explanations. “Nah, it’s OK, don’t worry about it!”, M responded. I quickly opened up a few browser tabs and explained the technical details he asked earlier. Since then, I quickly knew that we came from different technical backgrounds, and were unsure of some details in the programming language we used frequently, C#.

The rounds of simple coding while explaining concepts reminded me of the times when I was in university. M seems to be a good person to work with, like the other employees.

In other news, 2 weeks from today, certain workplaces in Japan will undergo mass COVID-19 vaccinations. I hope my workplace will be part of it early!

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