The case of a reported COVID-19 positive case

Few days ago, I received a notification mentioning that there was a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 next to my department (which was a few meters away from where I sat). Due to this, a sanitization process had been conducted urgently within a few meter radius of the affected department, of which my seat was also sanitized.

As a precautionary measure, a few colleagues and I who were in the “red zone” – area where it was designated as COVID-19 risk zone, were instructed to not go to the office for 2 weeks. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, I always considered the scenario where my workplace is affected and required a partial or full shutdown of the premises.

The standard operating procedures for positive COVID-19 cases in the early stages of the pandemic reported in the office area included lockdown of the building, complete sanitization, installation of contact tracing app, undergoing PCR test In my case, neither shutdown scenario had occurred, and only the affected employees were required to work from home (unless a PCR test is taken and proven negative).

Company policies dictated that no personally identifiable information will be shared regarding the positive case(s) to prevent discrimination, but it did left me a few questions in mind, such as the number of positive case(s), what variant of the virus was (there were many reported cases of mutated variants of COVID-19, e.g. South Africa and the UK in Japan) , how was the severity of the person(s) who contracted COVID-19, etc.. If the person(s) who contracted COVID-19 were the mutated variants, then people surrounding the area might be at a higher risk to contract the virus (even worse, forming a cluster infection). My colleagues and I weren’t designated as “close contact”, so we weren’t required to undergo the PCR test.

What a strange world we live in right now (and the situation kept on worsening). Vaccinations for the elderly people began today in Japan.

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