And so, you graduated

People rushing out from the train at a busy station.

A friend (let’s call her Y) who had stayed in Japan for a few years, had gone back to Malaysia last Wednesday. I managed to meet Y for a last meal last Tuesday before the flight back home next morning.

Previously we planned to have a dinner in the airport, only to find out that the majority of restaurants in the airport terminals were closed for the day (or possibly, for the time being, probably due to the pandemic), so we chose to have dinner at a izakaya (Japanese bar) somewhere that was not far – a train station away from the airport.

Rush, unsettling departure

Y has plans and appointments after going back home, revolving new commitments. Before leaving Japan, Y had busy tying whatever knots there were left here – cancelling phone contracts, etc. Revealing an exhausted expression, Y couldn’t rest well and had shown signs of fatigue after a rushing weekend.

Contemplation whether to start new commitments right away or to have a good rest for an extended period of time seemed to continue lingering in Y‘s mind. If I were in Y‘s shoes, I would have shown the same response. Due to the extraordinary pandemic situation, it must be tiring for Y too.

The past, present, and the future

In the izakaya, we talked about the past, present, and the future. We knew each other through a friend, so I don’t know Y as deep as Y‘s friends, however, I always felt that Y is someone who would always brave to continue exploring new things. The changes in certain perspective in life might have been influenced deeply by Y.

It was the “last order” reminder from the izakaya staff that we ought to end our dinner soon (it was about an hour). We ate quite a few items, and Y seemed to have a filled stomach after a long day before heading back to the airport hotel.

I ordered a small glass of beer to end the satisfying meal, only to realize that I had eaten too much.

Assorted plate of grilled chicken enjoyed in the izakaya.

And so, you graduated

As we left the izakaya, Y gave me some food as I went to a convenience store to grab some foods and drinks. One of them is a few balls of red bean rice (rice with azuki beans). It was said that the red bean rice was eaten in a celebration-worthy, congratulatory event.

Y said that the red bean rice was for the departure from Japan. I retorted that my friends and I would feel sad without Y around. However, as I thought about it later, I agreed with Y‘s statement, as it was a “graduation ceremony” for Y, and a new beginning, possibly a new chapter back home.

As of this writing, Y is undergoing quarantine in a hotel in the capital of Kuala Lumpur with the ability to oversee the wonderful KL skyline.

I hope that everything goes well for you despite these challenging times.

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