Kyoto-Nara trip: day 1

This is part 1 of Day 1 in Kyoto of my autumn 2020 trip.

Day 1 began with a slightly cloudy day due to rain in the previous night. I woke up at around 6 a.m. and went out sometime after 7 a.m. to avoid the tourist crowds. Since I could only afford to spend a day in the city, I wanted to make the most of out this day.

Ohto Ryokan, the Japanese inn where I stayed for the few nights.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

My first stop was Kiyomizu-dera Temple, probably one of the must-visit places while one is in Kyoto. The temple was about 15 minutes walk from the ryokan I stayed.

I was able to capture many scenic views of the Kyoto city from the temple. The temple and its surrounding buildings were equally beautiful and breathtaking, especially when if one sees it upfront. However, I thought that the gem would be the scenery one can see from the temple grounds. Perhaps that was why many people had their DSLRs stood by at various spots and angles. I didn’t have a proper camera other than my iPhone, but the camera that one has (i.e. the pair of human eyes) was probably the best while feasting on the views. I had too many photos taken, but I would like to share some that I’ve taken here.

It is advisable to visit the key tourists areas when it is early in the morning so as to avoid the inevitable tourist crowds especially when one enjoys the calming and quiet morning.

Scenic view of Kyoto from the temple grounds.

Although it was not sunny this early day, the residue from the rain last night created a perfect condition for us visitors to witness the rainbow. I was walking by a building when a passerby stopped walking and gasped, “what a beautiful rainbow!”, and quickly snapped his shutter away. I, too, stopped walking and enjoyed this scenery. Such an amazing morning, I thought. There was a photo that I thought was so good, that I want to print as a postcard and send to my friends and relatives.

Rainbow + temple = awesomeness. What a great sight to start the day.

The main building of within the Kiyomizu-dera temple grounds was still under repairs, hence the unique blend of modernness and history in this photo.

A view of the temple with parts that were still under repairs with the scenic view of Kyoto as its background. This was when the number of tourists visiting started to noticeably increase.
Cloudy view of the city from the temple grounds.
Autumn leaves painted the site.

I left after stayed for quite a while (probably more than an hour) in the temple, and proceeded to my next destination. While I was on my way, I managed to capture more photos – mainly empty streets due to outside business hours and lesser tourists.

Shopping/commercial streets not far from the temple. It was empty as it was still early in the morning.
The obligatory shot of people walking down the streets, heading to the temple. This was sometime around 8 a.m..

I also managed to find a unique version of the FamilyMart’s convenience store – logo was darkly colored! This was said as unique in Kyoto (see here for more information).

FamilyMart convenience store logo darkly colored. Very attractive.

Kamo River

I was crossing a bridge to go to a train station where I stumbled upon this famous river situated in Kyoto. I also read that people come here and either go jogging, go for a walk, painting, cycling, etc. Seeing this beautiful sight, I wished I had more time that I can spend in this city. The river, the stream, the calm morning with a hint of cloudy rain in the distance, it was just perfect.

Kamo River.

Well, time to go! But first, breakfast…

Breakfast combo: Sausage McMuffin with egg + hash brown + black coffee.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Another must-go tourist spot for those who first came to Kyoto. This is a forest where bamboos were prominently featured, along with other trees. However, bamboos are the main spotlight. Except when the tourists came… (apologies for the lackluster quality of the photos.)

The bamboo forest… with loads of tourists.

A friend of mine said before that this place was way too overrated (because of its images plastered all over the internet). At first I was skeptical, but when I finally visited the place, I concurred. The bamboo forest should be more fun when no tourists are around.

A panoramic view that I captured while I was in the forest. This is a short trail where tourists can appreciate the bamboos.
A shrine within the forest which is quite popular among tourists.

Ginkaku-ji Temple

I originally planned to visit the Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion), but it was temporarily closed due to , so I changed my plan to visit its counterpart, Ginkaku-ji Temple (Silver Pavilion). I was astonished by the aesthetics – building layout, Zen garden, and the beautiful sand carvings. I truly cannot stop appreciating the beauty of the entire scene, but the increasing number of tourists rushing into the compound hindered me from keeping on appreciating this temple.

You might have seen this photo elsewhere, as this scene is very popular.
Such beautiful carvings. I wondered how they managed to do it.
Another beautiful cityscape from the temple grounds, with rainy clouds looming in the background…

As I left the temple and wanted to head to the JR Kyoto train station, I walked through the path known as Philosopher’s Path (哲学の道, Tetsugaku no michi), which I really appreciated, especially the stony path and the little stream of river flowing by.

A glimpse of the Philosopher’s Path.
Another glimpse of the Philosopher’s Path.

I also found an unattended table (booth) which had seedlings of bonsai trees being sold for 1000JPY each. Although I had no interest in growing one, I can’t help but to imagine how would it look like when it grew larger in the future.

Bonsai seeds, which were covered in moss, being sold in a what seemed to be an unattended booth.

I felt like want to bring a friend, relative, or a loved one along with me to this city as I thought it was too luxurious for me to enjoy the sceneries alone. Once the pandemic situation is under control, I highly recommend to you, dear reader, to visit this wonderful city, and spend some time exploring the area!


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