Warm beginning, 2021

Picture of a city during the dusk with a train passing by and several vehicles on the road.
Dusk scene near where I stay. (Taken at January 2021.)

Time flies, and it is now the second month of 2021. I jokingly referred this month as the 14th month of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic had not ease up all over the world.

State of emergency, again

In the Greater Tokyo area, the state of emergency was declared again in early January, originally lasted until today, but was ultimately extended until March 7 when the confirmed cases in this region and the Kansai region did not decrease as anticipated, as well as the condition of increasingly worrying confirmed number of hospitalized cases in these areas.

I had planned to take advantage of the JR East Welcome Rail Pass and travel the Tohoku region before its validity runs out end of this month, but ultimately decided to postpone the idea when the state of emergency declared with the Go To Travel campaign being postponed since the end of last December.

I wonder when such an awesome rail pass would be offered again in the future.

Warm winter, cold winter

The winter this year was said as the return of the normal winter season, as the winter was warm in 2019. That might explained why winter in Taipei was like the autumn season in Japan. However, the temperature of these days were comparable to the one in early April (highest temperature today in Tokyo was 17 C). Perhaps it’s due to the spring silently approaches.

It greatly helped as the sun is shining brightly these few days along the Pacific Ocean. The sunshine gently shone through the building surrounding my area of residence as the sun rose at 6:30 am, and left with a unblocked, direct shine through my glass door as the sun set at sometime after 5 pm. During the day, the bluish sky was clear of clouds. I felt it was a waste staying indoors when the same scenery can be enjoyed at different parts of Japan.

If it not weren’t for the pandemic.

Updates in January

Not much has happened in January. When the state of emergency was declared last month, travel plans in the short term were temporarily put on hold until the situation stabilizes, of which I forecasted will occur by the end of this month. However, this also meant that change of season will take place too. I welcome the warmer temperatures, but I also hoped that I could visit northern Japan when it still snows.

A friend of mine is going back to Malaysia next month, and planned to further studies in neighboring Taiwan. I was amazed by her decision to continue furthering her studies. I almost envied by her decision to do so – becoming a student once again. I truly missed the university days. Another friend of mine also had moved to another prefecture, albeit not far from Tokyo, due to the workload and happenings within the friend’s company. We had the conversation above in a Facebook group call in a Saturday afternoon.

When dusk approached, I asked them to take a photo of the sunset from their window and share into the group chat. Here is what I managed to take:

Picture of a sunset.
Sunset as dusk quietly approached. (Taken at January 2021)

I jokingly mentioned that this scene would be one of the major factors why I wouldn’t want to return home, of which my friend seemed to agree with me. I could not help but to stare at this wonderful sight everyday, observing the variations in the sky.

The same dream…

If I dreamed the same thing with new scenes introduced, is it still the same dream?

A few days ago, I woke up thrice to the same dream. The first time I woke up, the details were still fresh and vivid, especially the new scenes where I was introduced to the significant other related to the person appeared in this dream. Then it got deteriorated in my subsequent wake-ups as I struggled to hit the postpone or turn off button on my alarm app.

It was the same dream that I had seen for the past few years. It still did not fail to put a smile in me. So near, yet so far away…

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