A postcard, for you

Happy new year!

How are you? Hope you are doing fine despite these circumstances.

I have been penning this while I was in a hotel room in Wakkanai, and in a train back to Asahikawa a few months ago. Seeing the wonderous and gorgeous view that nature has to offer, I felt guilty to not be able to share with many people. At the same time as I was staring at the sun at a distant, as I’ve written before, I wondered how the sun was like from your point of view? I’d imagine that it’ll be scorching hot and at times unbearable, given that it was how the sun is like in our shared home country.

I’ve seen you in my dreams in several occasions. Some were delightful, some were sad. There was one time I dreamed of the past, and can’t help but to wonder, what were you thinking while staring at a direction at that balcony hallway? That motivated me to pen what I’ve thought of.

I don’t know your address, so I hope that this will suffice. I hope to be able to physically send you a postcard in the future. The picture above is a blue sky taken a day after Christmas, some time after sunset in the town where I stayed at.

Hope all goes well in your life. May you have a pleasant 2022 ahead.

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