Looking back, 2020

This year was a hectic year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged almost the entire Earth surface, and caused major inconveniences to wide majority of the human population.

Prologue to a long fight and journey

It all began with a hint of unease when I read about the news of airport and relevant authorities tightening rules of entering Taiwan, especially for those who came from Wuhan, China in the early week of January this year due to the-then unknown pneumonia cases breaking out there while I was in Taipei. I also took note of the proximity between China, Taiwan, and Japan, and had wondered if this could escalate out of hand.

It did. As of this writing, all international travel plans were effectively cancelled, and I had all my flight tickets successfully refunded. The same goes to the various accommodations I booked ahead of time. My friends and families suffered the same fate. With regulations requiring one to be tested COVID-19 negative AND undergoing weeks of quarantine, the thought of casual travel became a thing of the past.

State of emergency and the imposed limitations

When I headed for a haircut in the first half of this year, I had a casual chat with a female barber assigned to me regarding the pandemic. This was when Japan was still under the state of emergency declared by the-then Prime Minister Abe. “So, has the corona (short for “novel coronavirus COVID-19″) impacted (you) in any way?”, the barber asked. After a while of hesitation, I answered, “not really.”.

She retorted, “Are you sure (you are) not impacted? It’s quite a big deal for everyone, though.” She was right. People lose jobs, lost source(s) of income, and had to deal with various degrees of inconvenience. I was lucky enough to still be able to work from home. I could not imagine what she had gone through at that moment.

“Whenever I turned on the television, if it is not about news about the number of new daily confirmed cases of COVID-19, it’s about the other news that were indirectly related to the current situation, it’s kinda depressing.” I said to the barber, continuing our conversation.

During our weekly family WhatsApp call, we often exchanged thoughts of meeting each other again. The hope of another reunion this year quickly diminished as time passed on, along with stricter regulations and requirements implemented by Japan, Malaysia, as well as other governing authorities. I looked at flight tickets for 2021, yet remained undecided despite the availability of empty seats and the ability to reschedule dates free of charge.

All things domestic

Ever since international travels became severely limited (practically banned), I turned my focus on domestic travels. I had the chances to travel to parts of the northern and southern regions of Japan using various transportation modes. I immediately was blown away with the beauty and awesomeness of various areas that I visited. This reminded me the reason why I came to Japan in the first place.

Awesome places do not only confine in Tokyo.

With friends, we managed to climb to the top of certain mountains within the Kanto region. After Mt. Fuji in 2018, this year I began with Mt. Tanzawa. After such a long climb, the muscle pain in the following day was weirdly satisfying. The iconic mountain in Tokyo, Mt. Takao, had also been conquered in a rainy weekend day. My friend (and her friends) are definite experts in this field.

Memories replay

Old memories kept on replaying, as if they were on loop. With each iteration, I took a look on each replay, tried to dug the details and fragments, and attempted to piece each of them together. The attempts were met with little success, but they did not failed to make me smile.

Those are still good memories.

Wishing for a better year

With the COVID-19 pandemic being the main topic this year, and the situation getting worsened day by day, I still remained optimistic that the condition will become better in 2021. But, I still don’t know, under present circumstances, how Tokyo will hold its delayed Olympic 2020 in July next year.

Nevertheless, I wish you have a good year of 2021 ahead, dear reader!

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