Merry Christmas

I glanced through my phone’s calendar app, and realized that I had a flight planned tonight. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled. Plans were disrupted, right from the beginning.

Today was my last day of work at the office. Some time before going back home, we cleaned our offices and our respective seats by fully using disposable wet tissues instead of cleaning cloths used in the previous years due to the risk of spreading of COVID-19. I sighed as I saw the used tissues continued piling up at my desk, waiting to be disposed to the rubbish bin.

At the place where I stayed, the supermarket was still in the full Christmas mood – people lined up at the counters selling Christmas cake, albeit the smaller ones since the larger sizes were likely sold out or were reserved for people who had made reservations beforehand. In the supermarket, sizeable crowds were busy buying dinners – mostly roasted chicken/turkey, along with drinks and snacks, which filled their trolley.

Following the crowd, I grabbed a snack plate after a disappointing KFC meal during Christmas Eve (Japan maintained a tradition of eating cakes and fried chicken during Christmas.), and headed to the counter. There were huge platter of fried foods, but the portions were too large to be consumed in one night.

On my way back, I passed by a gym where their members were still practising boxing. A man was energetically stood at the entrance, facing the members and the instructors, and loudly said, “Merry Christmas!”. Upon hearing that, I cheerfully headed back home with the snack plate on hand.

The television was showing the weather forecast for the next few days, up until year end and the new year. “Please be aware of the heavy snowfall in the northern region, and plan ahead to avoid another scenario like the strand in the Shinetsu area due to heavy snowfall.”, the weather person said as she pointed the areas of high risk located in the northern region of Japan.

Unfazed by the reminder patiently explained by the weather person, I sat down and began feasting on the snack plate. The lid had a “30% discount” sticker, which was a sign that the snack plate was prepared earlier in time. After a bite of the food, it was unsurprising.

The streets fulled with illumination in Tokyo.

Earlier this week, I watched Wonder Woman 1984 with a friend in Tokyo, where the cinema is located at a busy place surrounded with nice restaurants and a great atmosphere to be in. Perhaps it was a Sunday evening — only less than half of the big hall was filled with people, and a few of them actually wore the Wonder Woman’s costume! Huge salute for them to be able to withstand the chilly weather in Tokyo (it was below 10 C).

This year’s Christmas was noticeably different than previous years due to complications of COVID-19 and the somewhat ineffective advices given by the relevant authorities. One of my friend had undergone PCR test recently due to someone being tested positive in the friend’s workplace. I sincerely hope that things will turn out okay.

The energetic “Merry Christmas!” that I heard at the gym entrance earlier today really lighten me up. It was like an authentic ray of light being projected outwards, and it stood out even brighter than the artificial LED lights shone brightly nearby. Perhaps, this is the festive atmosphere that I had looked forward to, other than the delicious Christmas cakes.

How about you, dear reader? How was your Christmas day like? Spending effort well on a favorite project? Spent time with a loved one or with families and friends? I wish you a happy, merry Christmas, where ever you are!

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