Silent October

A coffee shop within the residence area in the evening.
A coffee shop within the residence area in the evening. Did you spot anything off?

Silent, spooky October had ended not long ago, and it had left a hint of sweet aftertaste. After all, compared to last year, there was no typhoon that had seriously impacted the Greater Tokyo region, although it had rained for quite some time.

October also marked the 6th official month of the working from home routine. The company where I worked at had extended the working from home until early next year, which is a welcoming one, considering that the war of combating COVID-19 will be a long one. However, overseas travel for tourism purposes is still not possible, which is a bummer.

2020, a supposed landmark year, is silently wrapping up. While I was watching the television, the MCs hosting a show had gasped that it was almost the end of the year. Afterwards, they continued on introducing the seasonal activities, including places to visit and gourmets to taste.

I have been busy working on projects recently. With most of the time at home, I had been juggling between company work and projects, with the distinctions getting blurred as time went on. Heck, I only swapped laptops (between personal and work laptops), and continue smashing the keyboard away using the same development software.

A while ago, I hiked a mountain neighboring Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture. It was definitely an awarding experience, having able to hike in a chilly weather, compared to that during the summer, under the warm sun. I definitely look forward to another hike. A friend of mine, who lived in Tokyo, often go hiking in the weekends, which I particularly admired as she can often view a city, the iconic mountains, forests of different colors in various parts of the country.

Happy birthday to my wonderful girl! I promised to fly to Taipei this month, but due to the pandemic and the inability to enter Taiwan’s borders as a tourist, I had to call off this year’s plan, which sucked. However, this might change how we fly again in the future, forever. Gone are the days where we can check in and fly internationally in a short period of time.

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