Seeing you, sending thoughts

13 years ago. Recess time. I was standing at the balcony corridor at the 2nd floor, facing the 1st floor, I spotted you outside the room amongst the crowds.

You did not look happy. Something must had been upsetting you. Was it a failed confession? A frustrating experience? I don’t know. I had the thought to meet you and listen to whatever is in your mind.

It had slowly grew in me about your presence earlier, but this scene had significantly amplified it in me. Maybe that was why I ended up mustering up the courage to pen down my thoughts to you.

After receiving the response from you, I must say that I was caught off guard. I heard of your response second handed, so I cannot guarantee the total authenticity (however, the messenger was trustworthy). Even so, I was glad that my thoughts were somewhat sent to you.

Fast forward for a few years. Even if I didn’t received a response from another new penned thoughts years later after my initial pen, I remained hopeful, to this day that the thoughts were not lost in transit. I sincerely hoped so…

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