Exploring Mt. Takao

A Keio train prepping for departure from Shinjuku station heading to Takaosanguchi (Mt. Takao)

A thought crossed my mind ever since the last mountain hiking and the monolog while transiting station, and it naturally was the idea of hiking Mt. Takao. Located in Hachioji City in Tokyo, neighboring Kanagawa prefecture, Mt. Takao is a perfect getaway spot from the metropolis’ hustle and bustle.

Woke up early in the morning and equipped with a light backpack, I headed to the train station with a hint of drizzle. Due to the plum rain season officially hitting the Kanto region (spanning Tokyo and Chiba prefecture), a quick check of the weather condition in both my area and Hachioji City showed that drizzle and rain showers were forecasted in the morning.

A paragraph written in a Japanese site dedicated to mountain hiking catering to novice and the alike encouraged hiking in the drizzle,

Even if it’s going to rain lightly, (please do) continue ahead in your hiking journey! It will serve as a learning journey and can allow you to gain experience on how it’s like hiking in the rain.

Armed with the tips given and a proper suit, I began the hiking journey near to 8 am, similar to the previous mountain hiking, from the station entrance.

Takaosanguchi Station entrance

The hiking experience was a pleasant one — visitors can choose from the several routes provided. I opted trail no. 6, which is one of the hiking route in the nature. It was a 3.3km route to the top of Mt. Takao, which is 599m tall.

The entrance of Mt. Takao’s hiking trail no. 6.

Compared to the previous hiking, Mt. Takao was lower and a shorter route, but this was a satisfying experience for a half-day trip. I took a shorter time to reach the top and bottom compared to the published estimated time taken, enabling me to complete the whole hike with time to spare before heading back home.

Part of the hiking path at trail no. 6 of Mount Takao covered in fog.
Due to drizzle and a low temperature (24 C), fogs covered the hiking path.
A selfie with the post indicating the top of Mount Takao.
Reached the top by 9:30 a.m, but due to the fog, views cannot be seen properly.

Before heading back to Takaosanguchi station to head home, I stopped by a shop selling local Japanese desserts (below, both costed a total of 290yen), yummy. The soba dango’s syrup (?) was thick and slightly salty, yet delicious. Best to enjoy with a hot beverage.

Soba dango and sake manju sold at a local Japanese dessert shop.

For the normal tourists who came here without the intention of hiking, trail no. 1 or the cable car would be a suitable route to enjoy the mountain. I shared this information with a friend, who said he can’t wait for the COVID-19 travel restriction be lifted and enjoy this mountain! Mt. Takao is beautiful at various seasons, including autumn. Perhaps the autumn foliage is a sight not to be missed.

I shall visit again someday, seeing you in a different sight.

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