Japanese immigration

Whenever I go for travel internationally, clearing immigration is one of the most important steps to do. The immigration facilities in Japanese airports are unique for me, due to the modern machines and the sounds they make.

Take the facial recognition based automated gates (below) for passport control, for example. I had been deeply attracted by it when I first saw it while queuing up at another counter that served foreigners who had Japanese residence cards.

Facial recognition based automated gates deployed at Narita International Airport. It takes 10 seconds to complete the entire immigration process!

The facial recognition gates can only be used by Japanese citizens at the moment. Not sure if it can be expanded to be used by foreigners residing in Japan, because if it does, clearing immigration will sure be a breeze, whether one is entering or exiting the country!

When I cleared immigration while coming back to Japan, the device used by the counter that I usually queued at captured my biometrics, including fingerprints and face photo. It, too, made alert and notification sounds along the way (see below).

A biocart (?) machine capturing a foreigner’s biometric info while scanning the passport’s information simultaneously.

Device sounds always kept me fascinated.

As a contrast, Malaysian immigration’s automated gates do not even emit a sound. While I was pleased that the entire process was quick and smooth when I was clearing immigration at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the lack of sound indicator made me appreciate the effort made and done in Japanese equipments.

The immigration clearing process for Malaysian nationals who use the autogate. Highly recommended to use it to avoid the long queue.

I wonder if there are other countries that share the same characteristics with the Japanese. That is another research topic for another day…

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