Travel note: Activate debit card overseas

I was in a predicament while travelling in Taipei where I needed to pay a huge sum of money for accommodation due to issues in my Airbnb accommodation. In my trip, I brought cards issued from Japan and Malaysia.

Can your card be used overseas?

This might sound odd, but credit cards surely can be used overseas. No, I’m talking about debit cards. Usually, these cards cannot be easily used overseas unless their overseas use has been authorized beforehand.

Although this highly depends on bank, this feature can be easily turned on/off via the online banking service. Activating it was a breeze – simply logging in to the online banking service, turn on the overseas debit card feature, and confirming the action via a secured way (e.g. entering an authorization code).

Well, I forgot to activate the feature in my Malaysian card. No wonder my debit cards were virtually useless at that point. I was greeted by various apologetic looks from the hotel receptionists as they informed me that the transaction was denied.

Increasing your credit card’s upper limit

My credit card issued in Japan is the only way to settle huge sums of money when needed. A swipe of it proved to be failed as well, as I had used it earlier when I needed to urgently find a stay.

Check the spending upper limit, my instinct told me. Indeed, a quick check using the phone’s app showed that the swipe would made me instantly hit the spending upper limit previously set.

Luckily, the credit card’s online service allowed me to temporarily raise the spending upper limit, so I quickly took advantage of that. Since this was my first credit card, I’m not quite sure of other companies’ feature. I wondered if this feature was standardized worldwide, as the upper limit will be automatically reset to the preconfigured spending upper limit after a certain amount of time lapsed.

Will it require a confirmation code to be sent? Will it require a phone call to verbally verify your request? What happened if the act was done overseas? These questions do need to be researched further.


I noted the followings as reminders for me should I travel overseas again next time. I hope you will benefit from them too!

  • Activate the appropriate debit card’s overseas use feature before you depart from home country. This allows you to use the debit card for payment and withdrawing cash when needed.
  • Allow at least 24 hours to ensure the feature is properly activated and acknowledged by the bank. Check your bank’s information to know more.
  • Secure an amount of emergency funds. You may never know if you need to access them.
  • Know your credit card’s upper limit, and if possible, the amount of money usable by the credit card.
  • Know the ways to instantly (temporarily) increase your credit card’s spending upper limit when needed.
  • If the credit card’s spending upper limit cannot be increased instantly, be sure to increase it and confirm the increased spending upper limit prior to departing from home country.
  • If credit card cannot be used, use a debit card to perform the payments instead. Bullet point #1 applies here.
  • Under dire circumstances, use cash payments to mitigate the issue. Then, find ways to withdraw cash via ATM or other ways (e.g. Western Union)

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