Tanabata wishes

It is Tanabata (Star Festival) today in Japan. In contrast with the desired weather, which is sunny and clear, it rained throughout the day and throughout Japan due to the rainy season, otherwise known as 梅雨 (つゆ;tsuyu). I went out this morning to attend an English exam. It rained lightly and had strong winds — definitely not an ideal day to go out and enjoy this Sunday.

I didn’t write wishes on a paper and hang it on a bamboo branch, so I decided to write here instead!

I wish the world, my family and friends, and my loved ones be in a healthy and peaceful manner. I hope I can close the chapters of 2019 and the 2010 decade in a well-ordered, memorable manner.

This year’s Tanabata wishes

What are your wishes for this year’s tanabata? Whatever it is, I hope it realizes in a way that is beneficial to you.

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