Hi there! (again)

(I have written countless times of this introductory post, but hey, here we are, again.)

Hi there! Welcome to White Journal Black Ink. I write about random things; some are with centered themes, some are purely randoms. I try and express my thoughts in a written way where I couldn’t do so verbally.

I have attempted to blog in three languages simultaneously – English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese, but with little luck. Updating three blogs in sync are more like a chore than enjoyment, so I stopped this approach (for now). Mandarin Chinese is my mother tongue, and I use English and Japanese often in both casual and work environment. I speak Mandarin Chinese with the Malaysian variant as I hailed from the South East Asian country, which bordered Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia. I have not written blog posts in a while, hence my language is getting rusty (and may have errors along the way too!)

The name, White Journal Black Ink, was inspired from WordPress’s 2010 theme – Twenty Ten. The design was clean and simple, something I adored about in various aspects, even in technology. The name, derived from the theme’s design, is about writing things in black ink onto a white journal (black colored typefaces against a white page), as simple as that.

I might share some tips covering variety aspects, from travel to programming (as I liked both!). Sharing is caring, as I learned from many generous travel and programming bloggers as I learned a lot from them. Saying that I owed them a lot is definitely not exaggerating at all.

I generally welcome constructive comments, e.g. pointing out mistakes in lingual and factual aspects. However, spam/advertisements/profanity/offensive comments are strictly off-limits and will be deleted without further notice.

Happy reading, and have an enjoyable day ahead! – Adrian

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